In the era of digital connectivity, where individuals and businesses alike seek innovative ways to connect, trade, and thrive, Viorne emerges as a transformative force. Viorne’s vision is to revolutionize commerce by creating a comprehensive marketplace that transcends boundaries, offering a dynamic platform where users can seamlessly buy and sell a diverse array of products, services, and accommodations from a multitude of industries. At the heart of this transformation stands Aykan Team, the architects behind the ingenious customization of Sharetribe Marketplace to realize Viorne’s unique vision.

The Dual-Faced Marketplace

Viorne’s marketplace is a dual-faced gem, functioning as both a traditional marketplace and a pioneering reverse marketplace. In the traditional realm, sellers present their wares as listings for potential buyers to peruse and purchase. However, Viorne’s innovation truly shines in its reverse marketplace. Here, buyers articulate their purchasing intentions, and sellers are empowered to proactively approach and match their products and services to these intents, enhancing efficiency and expediting transactions.

Seamless Registration and Sign-Up

Aykan Team has meticulously woven convenience into the marketplace’s fabric. Registering is the key to unlocking this realm of opportunities. Users can register as individuals or, optionally, affiliate themselves with a company, adding a layer of professionalism to their profile. Companies are associated with an EU Company ID, fostering a sense of legitimacy.

Empowering Company Associations

When users forge company associations, Aykan Team introduces a unique email domain validation mechanism. If the first user associates with a company, they can opt to enable email domain validation for future users joining the same company. This innovation ensures that only valid company email domains can be used for association, bolstering company integrity and authenticity.

Listing Diversity and Flexibility

Creating listings in Viorne’s marketplace is an art Aykan Team has perfected. The platform accommodates a plethora of industries and listing types – products, services, and accommodations. Sellers wield the power to shape their listings, categorizing them appropriately and crafting fields tailored to their offerings. The user-friendly interface allows users to organize their listings efficiently.

Elevating Quality with Business Rules

Quality is paramount in Viorne’s ecosystem. Sellers seeking to create listings are subject to rigorous business rules. For instance, a seller’s marketplace subscription validity is examined before allowing them to create a seller listing, fortifying the platform’s integrity. The marketplace ensures that all sellers are equipped to deliver exceptional offerings.

Aykan Team’s commitment to understanding our unique requirements and tailoring the Sharetribe platform to suit our needs has been truly exceptional. The way they seamlessly integrated features like the ‘Request for Communication’ and the personalized listing creation process has elevated the user experience for both buyers and sellers on our platform.

Savina. CEO, Viorne

Effortless Listing Discovery

Navigating Viorne’s marketplace is a breeze, thanks to Aykan Team’s implementation of robust listing filtering and searching capabilities. Users can employ simple or nested filters, resulting in tailored search results that match their preferences. Nested filters elevate the browsing experience, revealing refined subsets of listings based on user selections.

Empowering Buyer-Seller Interactions

Viorne’s unique feature, Request for Communication, ushers in a new era of efficient interactions between buyers and sellers. Sellers desiring to engage with a buyer’s listing pay a fee for the privilege. Upon payment, messaging capabilities are unlocked, facilitating meaningful conversations that drive transactions. Sellers’ packages are debited accordingly, with commissions allocated to the listing owner and the marketplace itself.

Personalizing the Experience

Aykan Team’s expertise shines in enabling Viorne users to uncover personalized experiences. The platform empowers users to request the reveal of a buyer’s company name, opening doors to more informed interactions. Furthermore, users can share buyer listing links externally, nurturing a referral-based ecosystem that rewards buyers who bring new sellers to the platform.

Simplifying Transactions

Transactions are streamlined with Viorne’s Purchase option integrated into all listings. Sellers benefit from the seamless payment process via Stripe, enriching user experience and trust. For service and accommodation listings, the Calendly link adds an extra layer of convenience, enhancing the booking process and saving valuable time.

Earnings, Profiles, and Settling

Viorne’s emphasis on users’ earnings and profiles is manifested through Aykan Team’s innovative design. Users are empowered to track their earnings, request settlements, and monitor their financial health. Whether via referrals, communication requests, or other avenues, Aykan Team ensures that users remain in control of their finances.

Customization and Technical Architecture

Aykan Team’s prowess extends to the technical architecture that underpins Viorne’s marketplace. Leveraging the Sharetribe Flex platform, Aykan Team melds Sneaker Time’s React template with custom backend logic hosted on platforms like AWS or Microsoft Azure. The high-level architecture caters to efficient communication between various components, while a custom database enriches data management.

Future-Ready Innovations

Aykan Team’s dynamic marketplace customization sets the stage for Viorne’s growth and evolution. With cutting-edge features, transparent transactions, personalized experiences, and robust technical foundations, Viorne is poised to become a benchmark for effective and efficient online marketplaces. Aykan Team’s intricate understanding of Sharetribe’s capabilities and their commitment to realizing Viorne’s vision have resulted in a marketplace that seamlessly harmonizes the needs of buyers and sellers, driving commerce into the future.

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