Starting your own Marketplace Business? Wait and Validate your idea first.

At Aykan, we’ve constructed numerous marketplaces for our clients. Typically, I listen to their requirements, draft development proposals, and commence development work. However, only a handful of customers have found success in their marketplace ventures. I’ve examined some of these cases, interviewing them to uncover the primary reason behind their

Aykan’s Sharetribe Marketplace Customization: Transforming Remote Vehicle Inspection with Procarcheck in Europe

In the ever-evolving automotive market, the challenge of purchasing a vehicle from a remote location is significant. Procarcheck, a pioneering platform, is designed to seamlessly connect potential car buyers with local inspection service providers across Europe. This innovative platform is transforming the way customers purchase vehicles from afar, ensuring reliability

Aykan’s Journey with Generative AI: Boosting Productivity through Innovative Solution

Aykan, a leading software company specializing in Generative AI solutions, has embarked on an exciting journey to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance productivity within their organization. Recognizing the potential of Generative AI, Aykan decided to test its capabilities firsthand by developing a suite of productivity-boosting tools. In

Elevating Elite Car Rentals: Aykan’s Sharetribe Customization for CONVOY

In a world where convenience and luxury are valued more than ever, Sharetribe has emerged as a platform that empowers entrepreneurs to create niche marketplaces tailored to specific needs. One such success story is our recent project with CONVOY, a premium car rental marketplace based in the USA. At Aykan,

Revolutionizing Party Scene: Aykan’s Sharetribe Customization for HiClaas Marketplace

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship, one daring entrepreneur, Harol, sought to disrupt the party and entertainment industry with his innovative concept: HiClaas. This visionary platform aimed to bridge the gap between party goers and table bookers, revolutionizing how tables were booked and shared at entertainment venues. Aykan, a

Unlocking Seamless Marketplace Experience: Aykan Team’s Tailored Sharetribe Customization

  In the era of digital connectivity, where individuals and businesses alike seek innovative ways to connect, trade, and thrive, Viorne emerges as a transformative force. Viorne’s vision is to revolutionize commerce by creating a comprehensive marketplace that transcends boundaries, offering a dynamic platform where users can seamlessly buy and

Migrating Legacy ASP.NET Web Forms to Blazor: Key Aspects to Consider

Migrating a legacy ASP.NET Web Forms application to Blazor can bring many benefits, including improved performance and a more modern development experience. However, it’s important to understand the necessary steps and potential challenges involved in such a migration. One of the key differences between ASP.NET Web Forms and Blazor is