In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship, one daring entrepreneur, Harol, sought to disrupt the party and entertainment industry with his innovative concept: HiClaas. This visionary platform aimed to bridge the gap between party goers and table bookers, revolutionizing how tables were booked and shared at entertainment venues. Aykan, a leading software company specializing in Sharetribe marketplace customization, undertook the challenge to bring HiClaas to life. In this article, we delve into Aykan’s recent project, showcasing the journey of turning an idea into a fully functional and user-centric marketplace.


The HiClaas Concept

HiClaas was born out of Harol’s realization that many party enthusiasts desired a more flexible approach to table booking. The concept involved table bookers reserving tables in bulk at entertainment clubs and restaurants, subsequently renting out individual seats to party goers. This ingenious approach allowed attendees to share the table and expenses, making the nightlife experience more accessible and affordable. To make this vision a reality, Aykan’s expertise was enlisted to create a tailor-made Sharetribe marketplace.

Addressing Complex Challenges:

Aykan’s journey with HiClaas was riddled with challenges that demanded innovative solutions. Some of the features were not provided in the Sharetribe. Aykan team developed such custom features from scratch and integrated the same with main solution.

1. Global Time zone Support

One of the most pressing hurdles was managing global time zones. With users spread across different regions, Aykan implemented a robust system that allowed seamless booking across time zones, ensuring accurate scheduling and a smooth user experience.

2. Mobile OTP Verification

Mobile OTP (One-Time Password) Verification is a crucial aspect of user authentication in modern digital platforms. Aykan’s team implemented a robust system that ensured secure and efficient user authentication. When users registered or logged in, they received a unique OTP on their registered mobile number. This added an extra layer of security, verifying the user’s identity and preventing unauthorized access. This feature instilled trust in the platform, safeguarding user data and maintaining the integrity of user accounts.

3. Real-time Notifications:

Aykan’s team integrated a sophisticated real-time notification system that played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience. Users were promptly notified about booking updates, changes in reservation status, and other important information related to their interactions on the platform. This feature ensured that users remained well-informed and engaged with the platform, leading to a seamless and efficient booking process.

4. Efficient Dispute Resolution

Disputes can arise in any marketplace, and Aykan’s team addressed this challenge by designing an efficient and user-friendly dispute resolution process. Users could submit disputes through a dedicated interface, where they could provide relevant information and evidence. This process fostered transparency and accountability, allowing both parties to present their perspectives. The platform’s ability to handle disputes in a structured manner boosted user confidence, enhancing the overall trustworthiness of HiClaas.

5. Cancellation and Refund Flow

The cancellation and refund flow is often a complex and delicate process in marketplace platforms. Aykan’s team simplified this process for HiClaas by implementing an automated refund mechanism for cancellations. When a user decided to cancel their booking within a specific timeframe, the system automatically initiated the refund process. This feature not only saved time and effort for both hosts and party goers but also eliminated ambiguity in refund calculations, contributing to user satisfaction.

6. Discount Mechanism

To attract both hosts and party goers, Aykan’s team introduced a creative discount mechanism. Discounts were deducted from the admin commission, making the platform more appealing to both user groups. This approach not only incentivized users to participate but also showcased the platform’s adaptability and responsiveness to market dynamics, contributing to increased user engagement.

7. Auto Accept Booking

Booking acceptance can be a manual and time-consuming task. Aykan’s team streamlined this process by introducing an automated booking acceptance system. When a party goer initiated a booking request, the system automatically processed and accepted the request if the conditions were met. This automation saved hosts time and ensured a swift and efficient booking process, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction.

8. Customized Chat Options

Aykan’s team went above and beyond by developing a completely new chat feature to meet HiClaas’s unique requirements. This feature enabled users to communicate through private and group chats. The introduction of an Archive Chat allowed users to review past conversations, improving communication continuity. Group Chat facilitated interactions among multiple users, enhancing collaboration and connection. The integration of MongoDB in the backend ensured a reliable and scalable chat solution that catered to HiClaas’s needs.


Harol’s vision for HiClaas found its ultimate expression through Aykan’s expert Sharetribe customization services. The successful execution of this project stands as a testament to Aykan’s proficiency in transforming innovative concepts into functional digital platforms. With features ranging from global time zone management to a dynamic cancellation policy, Aykan’s solutions turned HiClaas into a go-to platform for party goers and table bookers alike. This collaboration exemplifies the power of technology to revolutionize traditional industries, redefining the way we experience nightlife and entertainment.