In the ever-evolving automotive market, the challenge of purchasing a vehicle from a remote location is significant. Procarcheck, a pioneering platform, is designed to seamlessly connect potential car buyers with local inspection service providers across Europe. This innovative platform is transforming the way customers purchase vehicles from afar, ensuring reliability and transparency every step of the way.

Imagine the scenario: a customer, miles away, eyes set on a vehicle located in a different city or even a different country. The logistical nightmare of inspecting the vehicle personally can be daunting. This is where Procarcheck steps in. By enlisting the aid of locals near the vehicle’s location, this platform provides a practical and efficient solution. These local inspectors conduct thorough inspections and generate detailed reports, offering peace of mind to distant buyers.

Key Features of Procarcheck

  1. Transaction Modification: Addressing the dynamic nature of vehicle locations, Procarcheck has enhanced its transaction process. When a car to be inspected lies outside a service provider’s normal coverage area, the platform allows for the negotiation of an additional charge, which can be seamlessly added to the total transaction cost.
  2. Inspection Files Upload: Post-inspection, service providers can upload multiple images, videos, and documents of the vehicle, directly through the application. This feature ensures that customers receive a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s condition, fostering trust and transparency.
  3. Platform Approval of Service: Upon completion of the service and file uploads, a marketplace representative undertakes the vital task of verifying the service quality. This step ensures that all services rendered meet the platform’s high standards. Transactions can be approved, additional information requested, or in the case of unsatisfactory service, canceled.
  4. Settlement & Refund: Procarcheck also incorporates a secure transaction system. Funds are held in an escrow account until the marketplace approves the service, post which they are transferred to the service provider. In cases of cancellation, customers are assured of a hassle-free refund.
Sharetribe Marketplace Customization

Sharetribe Marketplace Customization: Technical Challenges and Solution by Aykan Team

  1. Transaction Modification:
    • Implementing a dynamic pricing mechanism that allows service providers to negotiate and add additional charges to the total transaction cost based on factors like distance or complexity of the inspection.
    • Ensuring seamless integration of negotiation features into the transaction process without compromising security or user experience.
  2. Inspection Files Upload:
    • Developing a robust file upload system capable of handling various file formats (images, videos, documents) securely and efficiently.
    • Implementing file storage solutions that ensure scalability, accessibility, and data integrity, such as cloud-based blob storage systems.
    • Addressing potential challenges related to bandwidth, file size limits, and network latency to optimize the upload process for users.
  3. Platform Approval of the Service:
    • Creating a workflow for marketplace representatives to review and verify inspection files uploaded by service providers.
    • Implementing user-friendly interfaces for marketplace representatives to take actions such as approving transactions, requesting additional details, or initiating cancellations.
    • Ensuring transparency and accountability in the approval process while maintaining data security and privacy.
  4. Settlement & Refund:
    • Developing a secure escrow system to hold funds until transactions are approved, ensuring that funds are protected and only released upon completion of services.
    • Implementing automated refund processes in case of transaction cancellations, ensuring timely and accurate refunds to customers.
    • Addressing potential challenges related to payment gateways, transaction fees, and currency conversions to facilitate seamless financial transactions.
  5. Reverse Marketplace Implementation:
    • Designing a user interface that effectively reverses the traditional roles of buyers and sellers, allowing service providers to post their inspection services while enabling customers to browse and make offers.
    • Implementing search and filtering functionalities tailored to the needs of service providers, allowing them to showcase their offerings effectively.
    • Addressing potential challenges related to user adoption and engagement, as users may need to adapt to the reversed marketplace model.

Working with Aykan has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Their customized solutions on Sharetribe have revolutionized how we conduct vehicle inspections. From seamless negotiation features to robust file upload systems, Aykan’s expertise shines through every step of the way.
The platform approval process is a breeze, thanks to their intuitive workflows that ensure transparency and accountability. With Aykan, we can trust that our transactions are in safe hands.

Luís Miguel Fernandes Pires